About Us

We work to make your party food more than delicious
- it will be Silkelicious!

Silkelicious was founded in 2009 serving the community with our cakes and pastries. We are always growing, learning and expanded our business. In 2014 Silkelicious opened for special event planning, catering and home delivery. Silkelicious’ goal is to better serve our city by offering top quality service and reasonable pricing. We not only share our delicious food, but offer a home cooked taste combined with top notch service. This allows each customer to experience dining in a unique way. We believe food is a combination of taste and representation. Silkelicious specializes in cooking, baking, creating and serving unforgettable meals. With a flavor like no other, Silkelicious’ special ingredient is an expression of love. Whether it is a private, corporate or casual event we want to serve your needs. We provide and deliver hot cooked meals for, home goings, business meetings, parties, busy moms & dads, picnics, graduation, birthdays, the Oktoberfest, and all other holiday celebrations. We prepare meals for the elderly and can accommodate any special dietary needs. We offer a full service event planning and catering, so at your next event, you can relax and enjoy yourself and your guests. We know preparing nutritious hot meals for your loved ones can be very time consuming, so we are here to help with your daily grind, lighten your load and tantalize your taste buds. We will assist with your weekly meal planning; rather you customize your own menu or choose from ours. We offer the convenience of purchasing the groceries, preparing fresh meals every day (including breakfast) and delivering them straight to your door step. We travel up to 15miles (North, South, West, and East) of Indianapolis. We are not an average Catering or home delivery service, you will never receive food you have to prepare for yourself. In an effort to best serve the community our main focus is helping individuals, colleagues, and families save time and take the stress out of, something that should always be prepared with love and enjoyed by all...EATING! At Silkelicious Party Trays our mission is to create unforgettable food & catering service, we vow to provide every service with respect, prepare every meal with love, and make it affordable for even the average Joe. We believe in generating positive relationships in our community, by bending over backwards so that you don’t have to. We even drop by local beauty salons and make our food available for purchase. Long story short ...we make a great effort to provide you unusual kindness and convenience.

Meet the chef!

Silke Helm


(317) 489-1609

Silke is originally from Germany, but has spent the last twenty years here in America. In that time she has perfected what she loves to do...Cook! She has taken her German heritage mixed it with passion and gave it an authentic American twist! Once you taste her delicious delicacies, you won’t be able to stop! And....everything has a cherry on top!